Student Lead Programs

Classic UniCamp

A Traditional, week-long summer camp program for children ages 10-14. With a camper to counselor ratio of 3:1, campers will participate in new and exciting activities that include: mountain biking, swimming pool, archery, challenge course, 50 foot Alpine Climbing Tower, climbing wall, hiking, volleyball, and fishing… all while learning valued life-lessons from current UCLA students, who volunteer their time to make a difference in your child's life!


W.A.L.L (Wilderness Adventures in Leadership and Learning) is an outward-bound type Older Camper Program (Ages 15-17) in which a group of campers and their advisors embark on a 26 mile hike over 4 days, 3 nights in an effort to summit Mount San Gorgonio, the tallest peak in Southern California. Your teen will learn leadership skills and gain confidence alongside UCLA students and alumni who are dedicated to helping them succeed in school and life.


UniCorps is an Older Camper Program (Ages 15-17) that focuses on leadership, service learning, and educational awareness. Campers will engage in a community service project that will help improve upon the natural beauty and aesthetic of the UniCamp campsite. Campers who complete this program will earn 40 hours of community service credit toward their high school graduation requirement. Led by UCLA students and alumni, UniCorps provides the perfect opportunity for your child to learn how to get to college from those who have already made it!

Family Camps

Family Camps are short gateways (usually weekends) where a group can come up to camp and experience a little bit of "Woodsey Magic". Instead of the traditional cabin groups with counselors, each family that comes up to camp shares a cabin and throughout the day there will be activities hosted by program specialist.


S.A.I.L. (Sailing Adventures Inspiring Leadership) teaches participants leadership, the importance of teamwork and determination through a physically and mentally demanding week of sailing. SAIL helps build communication, decision-making, and planning skills while improving a participants sailing and aquatic skills. Through their developed teamwork skills, open-mindedness in their own abilities, and eagerness to take initiative with the direction of their own lives and the lives of those surrounding them, participants will return to their communities as stronger leaders ready to overcome a multitude of obstacles.