Contributing to UCLA UniCamp

There are many ways to get involved with us!


There are many ways you can help University Camps Inc., - Help us as volunteers for committee meetings, volunteers for summer staff, work weekends, special events - contact: Wally Wirick


Donate Online
Safe, secure, and tax-deductible.

Send a check or money order
900 Hilgard Av. Su. 301 - Los Angeles, CA 90024

Contribute to the Annual Camp-A-Thon
Join one of the session fundraising teams.

E-Bay Giving Works
Sell your items and donate some or all of your proceeds to UniCamp!

Even better than Google!!

This is a new website powered by Yahoo... just as good as Google but gives UniCamp a donation everytime someone uses it and picks UniCamp as its charity. The site is Just bookmark this site, and everytime you have to perform a search use it! At the the bottom of the page there is a box that asks for your charity......type in "ucla unicamp" or "unicamp" and we will pop up automatically. If you allow cookies, then your computer will automatically save this info and you won't have to re-enter our name every time. Everytime you use the search engine it gives UniCamp a penny.

ASUCLA or UCLA Staff Payroll Deduction

If you are an ASUCLA or UCLA employee you can set up an automatic deduction from your paycheck to be designated to UCLA UniCamp!

ASUCLA Payroll Office

phone: 310-794-8827, fax: 310-794-8826
160 Kerckhoff Hall, mail code: 164006
UCLA Payroll Services
10920 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 620 - Los Angeles , California 90024
Phone (310) 825-1089, Fax (310) 794-8751

Vehicle Donation

You can donate your used car! Proceeds will go directly to UCLA UniCamp and you will receive a generous tax deduction equal to the blue book value of your vehicle. For more information please contact Jason Liou at 310-208-UCLA (8252) extension 11.

It's easy!
1. Call 1-800-203-2940 (National Charity Support Foundation)
2. Your car is picked up (by appointment) at your location
3. You get a receipt
(You can choose an automatic $500 deduction receipt or if you think your car is worth more, you can opt to receive a deduction receipt at a later date for the sales value of the car after auction).
5. UCLA UniCamp receives 100% of the net proceeds after auction.

You do not need a smog certificate, or any paperwork from the DMV! NTSF takes care of everything! The VTSF welcomes cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boats, commercial vehicles, and aircraft. They also accept real estate, jewelry and fine art. You can go to for more information.

Gifts in Kind

Our wish list includes everything from office to campsite supplies. There are many items UniCamp can utilize both in the city and at our campsite.

We currently have a need for the following at Camp:
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Digital Video Cameras
  • Tools (rakes, shovels, hammers, nails)
  • Power Tools (saws, drills, sanders)
  • Camping Supplies
  • Paints (non-toxic, washable)
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers Felt, Pipe Cleaners
  • Colored Pens/Pencils Buttons, Puff Balls
  • Beads, Feathers Popsicle Sticks
  • String, Yarn Elmer's Glue, Tape
  • Candle Wax Children's scissors

Deferred Gift Annuities

As an alternative to a lump sum gift, you may want to consider a deferred gift annuity. UCLA UniCamp is flexible enough to accommodate your gift-giving preferences. A deferred gift annuity may be for you if:

  • You are in high earnings years, looking for both income tax saving snow and an additional source of revenue when you retire.
  • You want to make a significant gift to us and receive payments in return.
  • You want the gift to maximize the payments you receive from your planned gift – and you want to lower your income tax on those payments.
  • You want the security of payments that won't fluctuate during your lifetime.

Periodic Payments

You can support UCLA UniCamp and spread out your donation over time: quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

Matching Programs

If you presently work for a company, we can help you figure out if your company will match your donation to UniCamp dollar for dollar.

Endowment Program

UniCamp intends to establish an endowment to help our organization fund ongoing yearly expenses and help ensure the stability of our program. Please contact us if you would like to discuss assisting us in establishing this fund.

Plan a Gift In Your Estate

A gift that costs nothing during your lifetime. UCLA UniCamp would be honored to be a beneficiary of your will, revocable trust, or retirement plan. We can help structure a gift that will leave your cash flow and current financial plans uninterrupted while securing our future financial strength.