For over 75 years, UniCamp student volunteers have harnessed the healing power of the wilderness to improve their community by providing a unique outdoor camping expereince for at-risk children from underserved neighborhoods. Through a creative, well-rounded, and proven program, UniCamp delivers challenging new experiences that foster personal growth and transform lives. Campers and students learn that they can reach their full potential, often beyond what they thought possible, and to make a positive impact in their community. To achieve this result, we emphasize building relationships, leadership and character development, and just plain fun.


UCLA UniCamp establishes a continuum of care through a continual set of repeating programs in a sequential calendared order serving one population that subsequently serves another.

“Creating the opportunity for today's kids from underserved communities to eventually contribute to the development of tomorrow's underserved kids."

  • Creating the opportunity for today's kids from underserved communities to become UCLA UniCamp campers…

  • Enabling today's campers to become tomorrow's Student Volunteers...

  • Empowering today's UCLA Student Volunteers to become tomorrow's community leaders…

  • Creating opportunities for Community Leaders to contribute to the successful development of today's underserved kids.